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Events | Binding Faraday

An exhibition by jeweller Hamish Munro
Jun 26 – Jul 28, 2012
Pieces of Eight Gallery

Hamish Munro is an artist who makes transformations happen. From everyday ephemera, he gleans materials that are meant for one purpose and develops fresh ways of working with them, opening our eyes to new possibilities. Like any great innovator, Munro is able to discover a new life for these materials as he stretches, wraps, cuts and joins, pushing their limits. In his solo exhibition, Binding Faraday, the material is singular. Munro has chosen to focus on the rubber modelling balloon, the title itself a reference to its original inventor.

Typically, these balloons are inflated and then manipulated into animals or shapes we recognise. These rubber balloons are the most sculptural and malleable of all. In his exhibition, Munro does everything but add air to the balloons. Instead he manipulates the balloon into various new forms and configurations, resulting in the creation of vibrant new wearables. There is an explosion of colour and pattern in these works that revel in the celebratory nature of their usual function. This is a joyous exhibition that is explored as both a sculptural installation in the gallery façade as well as through the construction of jewellery pieces.

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