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    Charles Wyatt

    Charles Wyatt
    I am fascinated by the relationship between man-made structures and biological forms. Forms such as polyhedra, geodesic domes and honeycombs are common throughout the natural and man made world as being the most efficient structural solution for a given situation.  In my jewellery and holloware I explore these forms using both CAD 3D printing technologies and intuitive hand fabrication techniques to develop beautiful pieces that are lightweight and complex.

    Charles Wyatt is a Tasmanian jeweller who began working in his family's jewellery shop at the age of 12.  Here, he developed a passion for fine craftsmanship and a respect for jewellery as an heirloom.  He moved to Melbourne in 2008 to extend his contemporary practice and went on to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Gold and Silversmithing), RMIT University, 2009 where he received the Maggie Fairweather Gold and Silversmithing Award.

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