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    Tara Lofhelm, Fiona Simmons, Julia Storey
    July 06-29, 2017

    Pieces of Eight is excited to introduce the work of two new artists, Tara Lofhelm and Fiona Simmons, plus a new series of rings by Julia Storey. Presenting collections created in precious metals, the works are an expressive reflection of their individual makers, all based in Melbourne.

    Fiona Simmons is driven by her obsession with words, stories and feelings. Humour is evident in her work as she transforms gemstones into eyes, instilling the works with personality and a unique charm. Tara Lofhelm’s pieces are full of movement and texture; hand worked with punches and hammers, she is intrigued by the archaic practices of ancient civilisations. Drawing upon mysticism and tribal body scarification, she describes her jewellery as being created to adorn "the Divine Deities of today's mad, modern world". Julia Storey recently joined our stable of artists, and for this exhibition created a series of new precious rings with luscious gems that are bold and bright. She speaks of the way rings often mark milestones, reflecting on their potential to also "collect stories and memories, like rock pools by the beach". 

    Imbued with sentiment and history, both personal and cultural, these three emerging Melbourne artists present a diverse array of jewels that are delighted to make your acquaintance.

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