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    Fiona Simmons

    Fiona Simmons
    My feelings about feelings are surveyed in this small collection of jewellery objects. Referencing tiny gestures from my daydreams, I ask you to respond by throwing a feeling my way. Give me disappointment or glee, sympathy or joy. These are humorous and loving pieces of minerals made from pink and yellow gold, blushing with rubies, tearing up with sapphires and smiling with diamonds.

    Fiona Simmons has a deep obsession with words, stories and feelings, which inform the basis of her design ideation. Attracted to funny and sad things, she often gets stuck on a phrase and can’t let it go, inspiring a procedural and material exploration that results in empathetic forms designed to evoke an emotional reaction. The tenderness these objects possess makes you want to look after them, tend to them, keep them safe.

    Fiona Simmons completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from RMIT in 2010, during which she was co-awarded the 2009 Emily Hope prize for figurative work. She teaches workshops and exhibits ceramics and paintings in addition to her jewellery practice, and works from Real Job Studios in Melbourne.

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