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Enjoy 15% off Opal Elements by Melanie Katsalidis
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    Freshly Shucked

    Freshly Shucked

    Freshly Shucked

    Seb Brown, Jeremy Bryant, Kieran Jackson, Melanie Katsalidis, Nina Oikawa, Anna Sheffield, Julia Storey, Ruth Tomlinson
    June 6 - 27, 2019

    To think a single grain of sand can seed the most lustrous of gems, it is truly an organic marvel. The pearl is the only gem produced by a living organism and in FRESHLY SHUCKED, Pieces of Eight pays homage to this much-loved symbol of status and luxury. 

    As part of this inaugural survey of pearls in contemporary jewellery making, Pieces of Eight presents a remarkable collection of pieces from artists both local and international. From the round to the baroque, white, black and coloured, FRESHLY SHUCKED celebrates pearls in all their natural wonder.

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