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Pieces of Eight // Companions - A Survey of Contemporary Earrings
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    Goddess Songs

    Goddess Songs

    Goddess Songs

    Katherine Bowman
    July 2 - 27, 2019

    In ancient Greece, poets wrote elegies to life and death and honoured both through the worship of Gods and Goddesses invoked through rituals to protect and augment the living realm. Often these epic poems were sung and supported by a chorus.

    With this work, I wanted to understand the daily need for ritual and how a sense of the sacred can transform lived experience. Jewellery is carried and held on the body, it is both a public and a private experience, both equally important. These individual rings form a chorus of sorts, set in motion to support the main story, which is the universal life story. To be carried every day on the body as a reminder of the sacred.

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