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    House Sculptures

    House Sculptures

    House Sculptures

    Tessy King
    August 01 - 26, 2017

    Tessy King presents a window installation of ceramic works that explore the relationship of form and function. By deconstructing the vessel she considers the way we experience, rather than use, these familiar objects. With a playful nod to historical artifacts accompanied by her relaxed approach to decoration, King hopes to impart an appreciation for the ubiquitous nature and meaning attached to this humble material.

    Tessy King is a Melbourne based artist whose practice is largely focused on ceramics. The vessel is the object central to her current work, through which she examines the meeting point of sculpture and domestic ware. Within her practice more broadly, Tessy considers how meaning is generated through the arrangement of objects and materials in larger installations and playful vignettes.

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    +613 9663 3641 / info@piecesofeight.com.au

    Monday to Friday 10am-6pm
    Saturday 10am-5pm