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    Matter Monumental

    Matter Monumental

    Matter Monumental

    Melanie Upton
    October 5 - 28, 2017

    Matter Monumental continues Melanie Upton’s exploration of materiality and form, drawing inspiration from the process of spatial evolution as experienced through geology and architecture. Referencing the immense structures of Brutalist architecture and its unapologetic truth to materials, geometry, and functionality, Upton juxtaposes this with the rough, textured and time worn forms of demolished building fragments and geological rocks. The manipulation of matter through both man-made intervention and naturally occurring forces is demonstrated in this series of monumental objects.

    Melanie Upton is a Melbourne based artist with a multi-disciplinary practice spanning sculpture, installation and visual display. Her work demonstrates a preoccupation with materiality, spatiality and form. Upton draws inspiration from the sites and objects associated with urban renewal and development and its intersection with nature. She is keenly interested in the processes, materialities and embedded histories that determine these environments. Upton is a graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts and has exhibited her work throughout Australia and internationally.

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