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    Phillip Low

    Phillip Low
    I use coloured and colourless acrylic polished to varying degrees in creating objects that adopt the aesthetic of prisms and prismatic colour separation. By faceting and milling the surfaces, it creates a rougher surface while leaving others highly polished. Light is transmitted and reflected differently – colours may appear blurred in some places and sharply defined in others.

    Phillip Low creates pieces that are interactive in some way — with light effects and by making them of a scale that invites the viewer to manipulate them. His emphasis is on colour, geometry and a handmade integrity.

    Originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Phillip worked in London as a fashion stylist. This led him to St Martins School of Art and Design where he completed his BA and subsequently moved to New York. Working in the field of product design, always cross referencing fine art and his love of plastics as a medium led to a desire to create sculpture. His work has been shown in galleries and design collections globally. In addition to working on commissions, he has been selected for the AOL artist series, participated in shows at Moss Gallery, Gensler and Peel Gallery.

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