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    Renee Damiani

    Renee Damiani
    There's a sense of imagination and playfulness that happens when exploring materials for their shape, colour, size, texture or unusual appearance. Something magical takes place when putting selected materials together, where the piece evolves and takes on its own direction.

    Renee Damiani’s playfully colourful bubble creations are filled with fun and quirkiness. Her current body of work is sourced from re-purposed plastics and combined with precious metals, then transformed into oversized sculptural creations to become wearable art pieces.

    Renee completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts and Applied Design, and also holds a Diploma in Advertising and Graphic Design. As a children’s art workshop teacher, she is challenged to create imaginative projects for children which in turn inspires an intuitive and inquisitive approach to her own work and the materials she uses. Her works are regularly featured in fashion magazines such as Oyster, Marie Claire and Yen.

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