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    Sarah Ceravolo

    Sarah Ceravolo
    My Komorebi collection embodies gesture and directional line work to create form instilled with illusory motion. Inspired by the Japanese art of woodblock techniques and the creative armour of the samurai, my pieces evoke the grand gestures of the samurai as his heavy sword slices through the air above his head. Elegant and courageous with such controlled conviction in each movement; this is the inspiration for my collection.

    Sarah Ceravolo is the founder of Convolo Design, a brand committed to exploring potential in the relationship between technology and design. She currently embraces computational design processes and 3D printed fabrication methods to achieve optimal and dynamic functional form.

    Completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Gold and Silversmithing) and a Master of Architecture, Sarah has developed a broad design-focused skill set. Her works are stocked at various art galleries within Australia & New Zealand.

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