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Pieces of Eight Gallery // Rare: A Group Exhibitio - Now showing in the gallery
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    COVIDsafe at Pieces of Eight Gallery

    Pieces of Eight Gallery is reopening on Wednesday November 3. Please follow the below guidelines for a safe visit, we can't wait to see you again.

    In line with the current government's health guideline, all patrons aged over 16 must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or signed medical exemption as a condition of entry. We ask everyone to take a moment and read through our "COVID Safe Visit" guidelines below prior to visiting Pieces of Eight.

    Bookings are not necessary, but if you would like to ensure our dedicated assistance, email or call us to book an appointment.


    Planning a COVIDsafe Visit

    We ask that you help us to maintain a safe environment by adhering to the following:

    - As a condition of entry, you will be required to sign in via an online form, accessed via QR Code with your smartphone or you can sign in with one of our team at the front desk. This practice will assist with contact tracing and is mandated by the Victorian State Government. Your information will be held according to relevant privacy law requirements. Customers over the age of 16 must show their COVID-19 vaccination status in order to enter the premises.

    - Please do not visit the gallery if you have been instructed to isolate, are unwell, or are experiencing any cold or flu symptoms.

    - Please wear a mask indoors unless you have a lawful exemption.

    - Please help us maintain social distancing by keeping at least 1.5 meters between you and others at all times.

    - Please be patient and respect our staff, we appreciate your support and patience. With everyone on-site fully vaccinated, we’ll be able to open the doors to a greater number of patrons and serve more customers, helping to fast-track the recovery of our business.

    How to add my COVID-19 digital certificate?

    The quickest and easiest way to show proof of vaccination is by adding your COVID-19 digital certificate to the Service Victoria app.

    To add your COVID-19 digital certificate to the Service Victoria app, you’ll need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and have the latest version of the Service Victoria app installed on your phone

    You’ll also need either:

    - Medicare online account or Individual Healthcare Identifier linked to your myGov account;

    - and the latest version of the Express Plus Medicare app installed on your phone.

    You can add your COVID-19 digital certificate to the Service Victoria app from the Express Plus Medicare app or your myGov account. The easiest way is through the Express Plus Medicare app.

    Once you’ve added your COVID-19 digital certificate to your Service Victoria app, it will show proof of vaccination each time you check in to a venue. Showing us your COVID-19 digital certificate is your way of contributing to a safer Victoria for all of us, everywhere.

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