01 June 2017

/ 2017 Victorian Craft Awards: Biennial Showcase Exhibition Celebrating Excellence & Innovation, Featuring Pieces of Eight Craft Practitioners! /

We are proud as punch to hear that a number of our represented artists have been selected as finalists in the 2017 Victorian Craft Awards!

Hosted by Craft Victoria and held across three venues, the biennial exhibition showcases the excellence and innovation of 100 Craft practitioners who operate across various mediums, with a major prize of $10,000 awarded.

We'd like to congratulate our nominated artists: Tessa Blazey, Seb Brown, Bin Dixon Ward, Mark Edgoose, Sim LuttinTaë Schmeisser for gaining this recognition of their outstanding talent, and wish them the best of luck in the award!

The Victorian Craft Awards will be launched at Craft Victoria on June 3, and run until July 18.

Tessa Blazey's 'Barbarella' ring, Sim Luttin's 'Moment #3' brooch and Taë Schmeisser's 'Coq of the Walk' ring have been nominated, which are all pieces that have been shown in our gallery.