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    Anna Varendorff

    Anna Varendorff
    I make jewellery objects that sit sculpturally; both on the body and off, and I try to emphasise playful interactions with these objects. Line and shadow, articulation of joints and the form, with or without a body wearing it, are things I consider.

    Working within jewellery and sculpture, Anna Varendorff creates situations with her work that offer a space of shared authorship between the artist and the audience, facilitated by the objects she makes. She often works collaboratively with other artists to build spaces of perceptual experience. Underlying her work is an exploration of the relationships between the object and the person, whether it be a large installation or small ring.

    Anna Varendorff completed a Masters of Fine Art at Monash University, 2015 and has since participated in various exhibitions such as New16 at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, TCB, Bus Projects, Craft Victoria, c3 Contemporary Art Space, the Victoria and Albert Museum and Anna Pappas Gallery.

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    +613 9663 3641 / info@piecesofeight.com.au

    Monday to Friday 10am-6pm
    Saturday 10am-5pm