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    Gift cards are available for online purchase and can be used to towards anything in our online store.


    If you spot a treasure you love and it's sold out, email us and we might be able to make one for you.
    A custom order generally takes about 2-3 weeks and requires a 50% deposit to commence.


    All items purchased from Pieces of Eight will come beautifully presented in our signature packaging.


    To keep your jewellery looking perennially gorgeous, take care not to expose it to perfume, hairspray or
    harsh chemicals. Be sure to follow any specific care instructions included in the product pages.
    We will, wherever possible, include specialised care instructions with your item.


    You might notice that your silver oxidises (darkens) over time and with use. To maintain the shine and finish of your jewellery, clean larger items like rings and bangles with a soft polish cloth, and clean chains and fine wires with 'silver foam'. Gently pat your silver with a damp sponge covered in silver foam then rinse clean, and your jewels should be gorgeous again! Silver foam can be purchased at our gallery (28 Russell Place, Melbourne). Alternatively, call us on +613 9663 3641 and we'll process your order over the phone.


    An oxidised (or blackened) silver finish is a surface treatment and its nature is to fade over time and with wear. This should be considered part of the charm of the finish, as it will eventually reveal the sterling silver surface below. To prolong the blackened appearance, always avoid using silver cleaning agents on items with an oxidised finish. Instead, clean with warm water and a drop of dishwashing liquid then give it a light buff.
    Alternatively, wipe with a cotton ball dripped in methylated spirits.


    It's important to be mindful that gemstones and even diamonds can be damaged by impacts (which can cause chips and fractures) and abrasive materials (which can cause scratches). Be mindful how you wear your jewellery and always remove it when doing something that might potentially damage the pieces you are wearing.
    Ideally we'd recommend you have your gem and diamond set jewellery checked annually. Contact us to
    arrange for your stones and settings to be cleaned, checked and polished.


    Pearls can be vulnerable to perfume and acids so it is always best to always wear them after you have applied your make-up and fragrance. If you notice the surface of your pearls have become dirtied with cosmetics or general wear, you can gently clean them with a soft damp cloth. If strung on a silk thread, as is traditional,
    the thread can become worn, stretched or dirtied over time and will need to be replaced.
    Please contact us to arrange for re-threading.


    We are happy to arrange for repairs by our represented artists. Please contact us and we'll advise you of the best way to proceed and if there will be a cost associated. Usually we will require you to deliver the piece to the gallery so the repair can be assessed and processed. The turn-around time on repairs varies but may take 2-4 weeks.


    Now this can be tricky - but we promise to do our best to help you! The best way to know your ring size is to visit Pieces of Eight Gallery (28 Russell Place, Melbourne), where we can size you. Failing that, the next best thing is to request a free ring sizer from us, which we can mail out to you anywhere in the world.
    Just email us requesting one and include your full name and postal address.

    Just as with clothing and shoe sizing, different countries use different units of measurement. In Australia
    we use the UK letter system. If you know your ring size using the US number system, see below.

    Typical sizes for the ring finger or middle finger:


    Be sure to measure the actual finger you need sized, as each finger on each hand is different. Your ring finger on your right hand will be a slightly different size to the ring finger on your left! Your fingers will change size depending on the weather, so try to be sized on a day when your hands are not too hot and not too cold. Tricky, we know! If the band you're considering is wider and/or thicker than the ring used to size you, perhaps go up half a ring size. The same applies if your fingers are prone to swelling in hot weather.


    January — Garnet
    February — Amethyst 
    March — Aquamarine
    April — Diamond
    May — Emerald
    June — Pearl
    July — Ruby
    August — Peridot
    September — Sapphire
    October — Opal
    November — Citrine
    December — Blue Topaz


    1 year — Paper or Clock
    5 years — Wood or Silverware 
    10 years — Tin or Aluminium Tin 
    15 years — Crystal or Watch 
    20 years — China or Platinum 
    25 years — Silver
    30 years — Pearl or Diamond 
    35 years — Coral or Jade 
    40 years — Ruby 
    45 years — Sapphire 
    50 years — Gold 
    55 years — Emerald 
    60 years — Diamond

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    Saturday 10am-5pm