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    Emma Homfray

    Emma Homfray
    My work is about personal expression and lyrical vision. I’m preoccupied with crystallising my inner world into the outside world. In my jewellery I draw on imagery from my paintings, journals and dreams. I like to make jewellery that is heavy and sensual. The wearer feels the weight of it like a Queen feels the weight of her crown, a priest his mitre or the Pope feels his ring. The materials I use depend on the feeling I want to express. Silver is the moon. Gold is the Sun. Used together man and woman, entwined. Bronze is massive no matter how small – it is humanity, the masses, weight of the Earth and the past. Black diamonds, the product of pressure applied to coal over an aeon. Tokens and symbols are here to remind us that everything that is outside is inside too. The wonderment and mystery of life is found in the drama and tension of the ordinary if we open our eyes to it.

    Emma is a Melbourne based, self-taught artist who who began making and exhibiting jewellery four years ago. For previous exhibitions Emma has enjoyed making fine jewellery with unconventional materials such as painted base metals, found objects, string, and ceramics. She has even made her own bone ash ceramic glazes using kangaroo bones collected from land around her hometown in outback Australia. In the time since she began exhibiting Emma has completed many private commissions and most recently created a precious jewellery collection for Pieces of Eight Gallery.

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