22 March 2018

/ Earth Hour 2018: Lisa Roet's Environmental Installation in Beijing, China /


Keep your eyes on the skies this Saturday March 24, from 8:30pm!

Represented artist Lisa Roet will unveil a huge installation in Beijing as part of this year's Earth Hour.

Perching on the facade of The Opposite House, a 20m wide inflatable gibbon - powered by 50 volunteer cyclists on stationary bicycles - will light up the night and emit it's mating call over the rooftops of Beijing, just as it does in the wild.

First discovered in January 2016 due to the decline of its natural habitat, The 'Skywalker Gibbon' was named after its Chinese scientist founder's favourite hero, Luke Skywalker. Lisa's installation highlights the tragic decline of primate habitats as caused by urbanisation & deforestation.

Learn more about the project by reading an article from the Sydney Morning Herald here.