09 May 2024

Karla Way's Favourite Ring: The Rock Pool Ring

Every artist has a favourite piece; one that captures their attention and provides a sense of artistic satisfaction. Whether it be the colour or glint of a unique sapphire or diamond, or the harmony and balance achieved in a design, every jeweller can recount a piece which they struggled to part ways with.

We took a quick break with Melbourne jeweller Karla Way and invited her to share the story behind one of her favourite rings in her Pieces of Eight collection.

"My favourite piece is the Rock Pool ring – the desire to see an expanse of parti sapphire really drove this design! A pool of still, while light bounces around in the blue green hues under the surface. Supporting stones sit either side – I usually opt for white diamonds, like a sunlight flare on a splashed salty rock or a bead of sea spray from that splash. The white of the diamonds really turns the brightness up to highlight and enhance the multifaceted central 'pool'."

"The gem pavilions sink deep into hand carved and textured geological forms; the gem's table floats just above the surface, edged with radiant rocky texturing.
It’s a simple piece really, though the form and the textures offer a subtle surprise and a raw twist to a classic composition."

PO8: Do you have a particular gemstone you keep returning to, and what have you learned about this precious stone by working with it over the years?

KW: "Queensland sapphires! I source them from small artisanal mines, or they are hand-fossicked by folks and then locally cut. The blends of earthy blues, yellows & greens really reflect the colours in the Australian landscape. I especially love the blue-greens; their tones and saturation are so variable, they’re always surprising and incredibly beautiful."

If you'd like to see more of Karla's jewellery, visit her artist page here.