10 March 2017

/ March Birthstone: Aquamarine /

Know a babe born in March?
Ruled by the zodiac signs of Pisces or Aries, their birthstone is aquamarine, a cool blue stone that invokes the colours of the sea. It's name is derived from the Latin “aqua”, meaning water, and “marina” meaning of the sea.

The first documented use of aquamarine was in ancient Greece between 480 and 300 B.C. when the stone was used as an amulet engraved with Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. The Greeks and the Romans knew aquamarine as the sailor’s gem, protecting it's beholder with a safe passage across the seas, and in Medieval times, the stone was believed to reignite the love of married couples.

Aquamarine is the most flawless of all crystals and has excellent clarity and transparency. Because of this, some reports state that when eyeglasses were first made, slivers of aquamarine were used to correct near-sighted vision!

Scroll down for a selection of our favourite pieces to gift to those born in March.

Melanie Katsalidis's 'Aquamarine Balance Neckpiece'

Tessa Blazey's 'Pris Ring'

Krista McRae's 'Radiant Aquamarine Soul Ring'