20 May 2017

/ Meredith Turnbull: Softbody Sculpture & Hardbody Sculpture /

Meredith Turnbull's current exhibition, Softbody Sculpture, is turning heads in our front window. Presenting contemporary jewellery and objects crafted from model making and construction materials, Turnbull's dynamic collection explores sculptural forms for the body, displayed alongside small scale objects.

Softbody Sculpture runs concurrently with Turnbull's other show, Hardbody Sculpture at Daine Singer; another exciting exhibition of her two dimensional images and sculptures. 

The two exhibitions allow the whole of Turnbull’s art practice – encompassing sculpture, images, decorative objects and jewellery – to be enjoyed at the same time. 

Both exhibitions run until June 3, 2017.

Aqua Spots & Stripes Softbody Neckpiece

Ellipse mesh patterned earrings