09 May 2017

/ Mother's Day 2017: Time to Thank the Treasured Women in Your Life /

It's Mother's Day this Sunday May 14!

Don't forget to choose a special gift that honours and thanks the treasured women in your life. The gallery is brimming with gift ideas big and small, jewellery or objects, bold or understated. And we offer free shipping Australia wide!

Scroll down to see some of our suggestions...

Shimara Carlow's 'Wrap' bangle, Melanie Katsalidis's parti sapphire ring stack, Britlyn Simone's 'Diamond Trona' earrings, Amy Renshaw's 'Speckled Triangle' earrings, Julia Storey's 'Imprint' pearl earrings and Amy Zubick's white gold and diamond 'Cluster' studs.

Georgie Brooks's 'Tessellation' hook earrings, Belinda Esperson's 'Double Pod' stud earrings, Luke Maninov Hammond's 'The Flowers Remaining' tall earrings, Yuko Fujita's painted silver 'Petal' earrings, Amy Renshaw's 'Dark Night' earrings, Melanie Katsalidis's 'Oxidised Triangle Two Pearl' earrings.