20 July 2022

Rare: A Group Exhibition Celebrating Unique Diamonds & Natural Gemstones

Today we're proud to unveil Rare, a group exhibition of 19 contemporary jewellers exploring the diversity of unique diamonds and natural coloured gemstones.

Our artists were free to explore their personal realm of inspiration, resulting in an array of diverse themes and outcomes. From environmental decay and the rarity of our diminishing landscape, to the highly sought after – and hence, increasingly rare – blue-green tones of the Australian parti sapphire, to the intriguing inclusions found within one-of-a-kind diamonds. 

Expressed through contemporary design and unique gemstone cuts, this survey of creative fine and precious jewellery represents a veritable treasure chest, honouring the preciousness of materials gleaned from the earth.

Browse modern rings, earrings and pendants to experience this talented spread of handmade jewels. Rare is showing in the gallery from July 20 - August 13, 2022, or browse the collection online.

Thanks to Amara Bett for our stunning campaign imagery.