19 July 2017


This month we're feeling impassioned by the rich romance of rubies, July's birthstone.

Did you know the levels of iron in a ruby determine the richness of it's colour?
If ruby is deposited in marble, it will be low in iron and lighter in colour. If found in basalt rock, it will be rich in iron and deeper in colour. But let's not forget the star element, chromium, that makes ruby red in the first place.

Throughout time and across many cultures, the ruby has symbolised power, passion and romance. So this month we urge you to put a (ruby) ring on it and take over the world!

Learn more about this wonderful gemstone via Gem School, our online educational resource. 

Left to right: Emma Bloom Studs by Anna Sheffield, Froth Ring by Hamish Munro, Bridge Ring by Kim Victoria Wearne
Left to right- Ruby Rocks Ring by Karla Way, Wink Earrings by Fiona Simmons and Scarlet Ring by Amy Renshaw