01 July 2017

/ Seb Brown's Broadsheet Feature: How This Melbourne Based Jeweller Made a Career from Boredom /


Broadsheet recently paid a visit to the Melbourne studio of one of our represented artists, Seb Brown.

Seb spent time discussing his influences, workspace, and his approach to his artistic practice, which he has been pursuing full time since 2014.

He explained the importance of having time out from making, giving himself space to unwind and let his design ideas flow. "When I first got the studio, I was like I have to spend as much time here as I can. We’re taught that working heaps is the best thing to do, but I think the time off is equally important for coming up with ideas."

Read the Broadsheet article here.

Seb has now jetted off for a period of self-imposed unwinding, as he travels the world. The gallery is stocked with new pieces so pop in for a look!

Thanks to Broadsheet and Jesse Thompson for the images.