20 September 2017

September Sapphire Focus Part Three: All the Colours of the Rainbow

Did you know that this month's birthstone, the sapphire, comes in every colour except red? (As these red gems are classified as rubies.)

While many of us associate sapphires as only being blue, a large portion of our artists celebrate the varying colours of this versatile gemstone, from yellow, pink, green and orange, lilac and everything in between! Take a look at some delicious examples of the rainbow hued sapphire pieces we currently have in the gallery.

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Carla Maxine Germann's 'Yellow Sapphire Cluster' earrings

Luke Maninov Hammond's 'Double Towers' ring with green sapphire & diamond

Kieran Jackson's asymmetrical 'Bar' earrings, with pink & blue sapphires

Julia Storey's 'Violet Field Horizon' ring with purple sapphires