15 September 2017

September Sapphire Focus Part Two: Diving into the Blue of Ceylon Sapphires

Bright, luminous, cool blue: allow us to introduce the Ceylon sapphire.
Highly desired for it's rich colour and lustre, this gem is named after the colonial name for Sri Lanka, where it is mined.

This beauty has been traded & prized throughout the ages and set into some of the world's most famous jewels, such as the 104 carat Stuart sapphire in the British Crown Jewels, dating back to 1214. And let's not forget one of the most memorable Ceylons of recent history - the engagement ring of Diana, Princess of Wales for her marriage to Prince Charles in 1981 (and now worn by Kate Middleton to signify her marriage to Prince William).

Many of our artists work with this hardy gem, and it's easy to see why.
Take a look at some of our favourite Ceylon sapphire pieces, or skip over to Gem School to learn more.

Tessa Blazey's trilliant cut Ceylon sapphire 'Rachael' ring

Ceylon sapphire 'Droplet' engagement ring by Amy Renshaw

Julia Storey's 'Azure Bloom' stud earrings with Ceylon sapphires and white diamonds

Karla Way's 'Precious Oval Rock' ring with an oval Ceylon sapphire and halo of diamonds