13 February 2017

/ Stack 'Em High: Our Favourite Precious Ring Stacks /

Why have one ring, when you can have them all?

We're absolutely enamoured with the stacking ring craze, made by our favourite Australian artists and often set with Australian gemstones; the finest combination imaginable. Why stop at one?

This striking green and gold set features Australian parti sapphires set by Melanie Katsalidis and Krista McRae, offset with a sparkling diamond band by Tessa Blazey.

An icy set featuring bi-coloured Ceylon sapphires by Melanie Katsalidis, a Taë Schmeisser solitaire diamond, and diamond eternity bands from Suzi Zutic.

This stunning, warm set evokes the colours of the Australian bush. Featuring a freeform cut green sapphire by Krista McRae, a rough octahedral Australian diamond by Tessa Blazey and a champagne diamond eternity band from Suzi Zutic.

Pretty in pink! Taë Schmeisser's diamond solitaire, Krista McRae's oval pink sapphire ring, and a 'Scattered Seeds' diamond band from Julia Storey.