05 May 2022

Tessa Blazey: Motherhood & Survival

Tessa Blazey is a talented Melbourne artist who is known for her sculptural, unique ring collection. Embracing rough and uncut diamonds, or unique Australian and Ceylon sapphires, Tessa's jewellery pieces have a bold style that defies convention and expresses true artistry and respect for ethically sourced, natural gemstones and metals.

With Mother's Day approaching, we asked Tessa to describe her favourite thing about her relationship with her mother.

"It's supremely daggy to admit but my mum is one of my best friends. We have always been very close and she is an incredible support to me. I am so grateful to have her in my life, as last year she was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. We were told she had about 6 months to live and that chemo and palliative care were the only options as the cancer was inoperable. Lucky for us all, she got a second opinion and an incredibly talented surgeon was able to remove the cancer from half her lung and lymph nodes. She is now cancer free and almost back to her feisty old self. Hooray for Penny! My world would be beige without her."


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