05 December 2016

/ Travel Like an Artist: Luke Maninov Hammond's Autumn in New York City /

In our next installment of 'Travel Like an Artist', we introduce our new artist Luke Maninov Hammond A Brisbane based jeweller and full-time neuroscience imaging specialist, Luke recounts his magical Autumn in New York where he married his love, creating lifelong memories.

"Early this year my life took an unexpected turn when my wife was offered a position at Columbia University. I recently travelled to New York City where we married in Central Park. Working full-time in neuroscience, creating jewellery, and being spread across two continents means a ‘holiday’ is still an incredibly busy time. However, between assembling furniture and giving a seminar on neuroscience imaging, we were fortunate to share some amazing times."

View Luke's collection of jewellery for Pieces of Eight Gallery here.

Sunrise over Central Park

"We stayed here for a few days before our wedding. Every time I visit, Central Park is always bigger than I remember. This beautiful space is what keeps New York sane."



"If you cross Brooklyn Bridge on foot, you can easily get to Dumbo. This is a great place to visit both as an art district and to walk along the river for a view of the city and bridges. It’s also home to many cliché NYC photos, like this one I took of Manhattan bridge."

The Lincoln Centre

The Lincoln Centre is an amazing place at night. Looking through the windows of the Metropolitan Opera House are the two murals by Marc Chagall; The Triumph of Music and The Sources of Music."


Upstate New York

"Upstate New York in Autumn/Fall is filled with amazing places to visit, and with Autumn leaves turning it can feel like a dreamscape. People often don’t realise that spaces like this exist so close to NYC. If you visit at this time of year it’s worth making time to leave the city and visit somewhere in Upstate.


Storm King Art Centre

"Storm King Art Centre is a big sculpture park just outside NYC. This is Ursula von Rydingsvard’s sculpture, Luba, one of my favourite pieces in the park."