11 November 2016

/ Travel Like an Artist: Seb Brown's worldly places of inspiration /

In another installment of our 'Travel Like an Artist' series, we ask Seb Brown to outline his favourite memories from travelling around the world, and places of inspiration.

Seb Brown is currently showing his collaborative exhibition with Jessilla Rogers, Genuine Relic. Fascination with cultural artefacts has brought the two artists together, as they investigate themes of adornment, placement, vignettes, and the tension between their bold personalities and differing practices. 

Genuine Relic is showing in the gallery until November 26. 


Lake Koman, Albania

"This was taken at Lake Koman in northern Albania - it took two bus rides and an all day ferry (made from a customised bus body) to get there from the city. These men were sharing their homemade rakia with us and smoking cigarettes at 7 o'clock in the morning."


Berlin, Germany

"I lived in Berlin for a while and this was taken at the Christopher Street Day parade. Berlin is such an open and friendly city, and very sexually liberated. Life was easy there and I spent most days drawing."


Death Valley, California, United States

"This was surely one of the most inhospitable places on earth. It was 45 degrees and we couldn't put the air conditioning on in the car because it would overheat! The colours and layers of rock formations were so beautiful but at the same time it was very eerie; death seemed pretty close to the surface."


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, United States

"I had to go back a few times to take in all the treasures of The Met in New York. The religious icons and statues are out of this world. And the little brass support structures made to hold ancient Egyptian relics are so beautifully made and polished. Also, the 20th Century American decorative arts were so over the top; there is a child's rattle/whistle/teething toy made from gold and coral!"


Istanbul, Turkey

"Istanbul is literally the meeting point of Asia and Europe, demarcated by a seething stretch of ocean. I loved watching the men fishing from the bridge connecting the continents and hearing the call to prayer booming out over this ancient and cosmopolitan city."