11 February 2018

/ Wedding Ring Focus: White Gold Wonders, Crafted by our Designers /

Welcome to part two of our wedding ring focus, where we take a look at a selection of white gold rings, crafted by our artists and waiting to find their forever homes.

When people mention 'gold', thoughts often skip directly to the rich, buttery tones of yellow gold. But gold can also be white or grey in colour!
White gold begins as pure gold - which is yellow in colour - and then has other white metals alloyed with it to give the metal its signature silver-grey colour. Most often it is alloyed with palladium; silver can also be added to the mix to produce golds lower than 18ct, such as 14ct or 9ct white gold.

A cool, contemporary choice, many of our artists create beautiful and unique wedding rings from this icy material. Scroll down to investigate our top picks!

Don't forget that you can learn more about the intricacies of this ancient, revered metal via Gem School.

Karla Way's 'Evolutions' rings can be made in various widths, making for a contemporary, unisex design

A modern and thoroughly unique wedding ring from Melanie Katsalidis, based on a Skyline, glittering with diamonds and sapphires

Kieran Jackson's bold 'Elise' ring with blue and yellow sapphires is another contemporary style we love, which can be customised with any gemstones

Suzi Zutic's 'Eternal Love' band is sprinkled with a mixture of sapphires & diamonds in various shapes and sizes

Anna Sheffield champions the current stacking trend - her white gold curved wedding bands are available in various shapes and dimensions, allowing you to combine your own perfect stack