19 August 2015

Anna Varendorff: comparative gestures

Anna Varendorff's practice employs objects of use and interaction both small and large scale. Her work is concerned with inclusivity, play and interrupting historical narrative, predominantly using the mechanisms of jewellery, installation and spatial sculpture. She is currently completing her Masters of Fine Art at Monash University.

Curator of Form and Flex, Meredith Turnbull writes about Varendorff's work for this particular exhibition:

"Some things between demonstration and action. Something between the viewer and the object, exploring articulation and movement. A handshake, a sort of agreement. A form of address: a strip, that follows a display form, that drapes over a body. Necklaces that wrap around the neck and rest upon the chest, with tiny punctures to hang and worry with cord and thread. A wide, white ribbon of metal or thin doubled lines in silver. A mobile, an endless circling as two folding segments of brass wind one around the other. The metal conforms, revealing a natural malleability. The body conforms revealing its organic quality. This logic is demonstrated through comparison." 

Anna Varendorff is currently exhibiting as part of Form and Flex, until August 2015

© Meredith Turnbull, 2015