21 August 2015

Bridie Lunney: inverted architectures + memento mori

Bridie Lunney develops her works intuitively, and in relation to the site of presentation, engaging the given context, physical conditions and materials. Combining practices of sculpture, jewellery and durational performance, Lunney acknowledges the body as a conduit between our emotional and psychological selves and the physical world. 

In her essay for Form and Flex, curator Meredith Turnbull writes: 

"Two events separated by time and distance that effect a language of objects, a series of deliberate interventions. A fire. An inversion of architectures, the roof below the foundations and all manner of objects and structures caught at various points of stasis in between. Combusted materials, blackened things and melted remnants. Uncanny pairings and a lingering sense of requirement for necessary things: breath, seeds, a knife-edge, a floatation device, a sinking device, aluminium, meteorite. Then tensions: pearls and rubber, stainless and brass. A passing and a gift: more like an offering. Boxes upon boxes, nestled within are jewels in paste and semi precious stones, loose pearls, precious and not so precious metals. A moment of stillness. A lifetime of costume jewellery: announcing itself on the body."

Bridie Lunney is currently exhibiting as part of Form and Flex, until August 2015.