24 August 2015

Sanné Mestrom: an intimate history in objects

Sanné Mestrom’s practice predominantly sits within the genres of sculpture and installation art, involving feminist deconstructions of Modernist - traditionally masculine - tropes.

Form and Flex curator, Meredith Turnbull writes:

"There are several keys in this series of objects and boxes. They act as ciphers to an intimate language, perhaps a knowing conversation. They jut out and juxtapose, forms curve and bend in shapes and with angles. They point with delicate wings as elbows are crooked and here and there a hand is placed in a hollow. These are messages, about a history of objects, told through a process of abstraction. They are a Modernist love story that’s been broken down and built up again. A procession of playful and utilitarian creatures that stand in relief: fixed or dictated to by the scale of scraps of clay that are remnants of larger works. Not bound by, but full of potential for use, for activity: for housing, enclosing, and gently holding."

Sanné Mestromis currently exhibiting as part of Form and Flex, until August 2015.