26 August 2015

Benjamin Woods: thinking about layering and touching edges

Benjamin Woods is a visual artist who engages with action-based practice across sculptural, spatial and movement processes, touching on, inhabiting and responding to many intensities over time.

Form and Flex curator, Meredith Turnbull writes about Woods' work:

"Talking about relationships and processes of gathering. Emily Kame Kngwarreye’s, Anwerlarr Anganenty (Big Yam Dreaming) (1995) tracing a growing underground network of pencil yams, alongside Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels (1973-76) angled to capture the rising and setting sun on the solstices. By gathering materials together, you can begin inhabiting those things. Broken car lights from collisions, silk, linen, rubber, cotton, stainless steel, heat shrink, dremel discs, reflective tape, bells, hemp, blue stud adhesive, nylon, paper pulp. Thinking about necklaces and rings: objects that point out from themselves. What is the sensation of the necklace? How do you navigate the distance between objects, between points? By touch or weight? Imagining the line as a nerve: you can sense along it."

Benjamin Woods is currently exhibiting as part of Form and Flex, until August 2015.