30 March 2017

/ Coming Soon: Beneath The Surface Exhibition by Luke Maninov Hammond /

We're gearing up to the launch of our second exhibition for the year, Beneath the Surface by Luke Maninov Hammond, which opens on Thursday April 6!

Inspired by Luke's work in neuroscience imaging, the precious jewellery and objects he has created for the show explore a shared connection between the mind, consciousness and marine life.

"In my work in scientific imaging, I am reminded of the connection between all living things - unfolding microscopic structures beneath our skin reflect those found in the depths of the ocean. Strangely, it is our exploration of the sea which has enabled us to illuminate cells within the living brain - thanks to fluorescent proteins discovered in jellyfish and corals."

Luke will be down in Melbourne for the opening of the exhibition, we hope you can come along and meet this fascinating man who is revolutionising his approach to jewellery!

Beneath the Surface runs from April 6 - 29.