19 July 2018

/ Ele Misko Joins Pieces of Eight Gallery /


Today we are proud to present the works of our newest artist, Ele Miško.

Based in Melbourne, Ele's Sunlight collection, which is exclusive to Pieces of Eight, encapsulates the joy of sunlight and it's positive effects on our mood, expressed through a series of intricate fine jewellery. 

Challenging traditional notions of jewellery design and fabrication by pushing the boundaries of concept and form, Ele embraces new technologies such as CAD design and 3D printing, as well as traditional handcrafted techniques, to create pieces that are unique and at the forefront of design.

Of her new Sunlight collection, Ele explains:

"Amidst major urban sprawl, high density living and technology embedded in most aspects of daily life, the disconnect of our relationship to self and nature has never been more fragmented. Emerging research will further our understanding of just how much these changes are effecting our physical and psychological states, but the need to reconnect with the restorative nature of the organic world is now more important than ever.

My collection focuses on our connection to sunlight. From ancient worshipping to banana lounges, our instinctual daily bathing in the sun’s rays revitalises us in so many ways; endorphins, serotonin, Vitamin D and melatonin to help us sleep at night. Along with the emblazoned paintings of the sky it offers at the rising and setting of every day.

The palette of the sun spans across the materials in this collection; from the warmth of rose & yellow gold, to the hues of sunsets in gems like champagne diamonds & yellow sapphires. The structure, shape and form of the pieces acknowledge the melding of urbanisation with the organic; some spinning and moving occurs just like our world dancing around this giant, fiery star. This also allows for the pieces to reflect light and to be able to see the full beauty of a faceted gem.

Ultimately these pieces should act as talismans – a totem, symbol or charm accompanying us on our journey which reminds us to connect with nature and the sun; embracing the nurturing, balancing energy it radiates to us."

Head to Ele's artist page to view these stunning new arrivals.