08 April 2017

/ Gem School Now Live! Our New Website Resource for Learning about Precious Gemstones and Metals /

After much research and development, we are proud to introduce the newest addition to the Pieces of Eight website, Gem School!
Designed to highlight the fascinating and curious world of gemstones, we take a look at their various uses, histories and symbolism, and discuss how to care for these precious pieces. Our aim is to educate, making it a little bit easier to understand the intricacies of your next favourite gem.

Whether you're new to the world of precious gemstones, buying a diamond ring for the first time, or an avid collector with a passion for gems, Gem School answers all your questions about gemstones and metals - even those you didn't know you had!

Pop over to Gem School now and start exploring - there's a wealth of content to love and explore. And it features beautiful illustrations by Melbourne talent Anna Marrone.


Australian parti sapphire