10 April 2017

/ April's Birthstone: Diamond /

For those born in April, you're in luck! The birthstone for April is the diamond, a much treasured gemstone with a long history. Believed to be first traded by the Indians as early as the 4th century BC, the name diamond is adapted from the Greek work adamas, meaning 'invincible'.

Over time, wearing diamonds has been thought to provide the wearer with stronger relationships and increase inner strength. As a result of this, diamonds have been frequently used to symbolise eternal love, making them the most popular choice for wedding and engagement rings.

You can learn more about all the different types of diamonds via our online resource, Gem School.

Here are some of the diamond pieces in the gallery that are currently making us feel invincible!

Julia Storey's 'Flourish' diamond engagement and wedding ring set, in 18ct white gold.

Krista McRae's 18ct yellow gold 'Quadruple Diamond Soul Mates' ring.

Tessa Blazey's yellow gold and pavé set white diamond 'Etta' studs.

Melanie Katsalidis's 18ct white gold and white diamond 'Skyline' ring.