12 March 2019

/ Stories of aquamarine love: Georgie Brooks /

A dreamy array of blue and green gems combined with a signature textural finish defines Melbourne jewellery designer Georgie Brooks' latest collection of handmade rings. The highlight of the collection is her statement piece, named 'Isolde'. For this ring Georgie sourced a rough Australian aquamarine, its origin – the dusty red earth of the Harts Range, Northern Territory.


From the desert to the sea, Georgie's inspiration springs from her ancestral origins of Cornwall, England, known for its windy seaside cliffs. As the story goes: "The Arthurian Cornish King Tristian and his lover Isolde conjure imaginings of true eternal love. Banished from Cornwall by his uncle for stealing his bride, Tristian could no longer stand his separation from Isolde and he came to steal her away. The legend describes a story where love conquers all," says Georgie.


"We all have a connection to our ancestors," she says. "Creativity, quirks, hobbies, characteristics, drive, a sense of place – they all come from [here]." Not surprisingly, Georgie feels "drawn to the sea and at home on a windy beach cliff top".

For 'Isolde', Georgie designed the cut of the stone and worked with a talented Melbourne gem cutter to create a spectacular ring fit for a seaside queen.    

 Browse Georgie Brooks' contemporary jewellery collection here.