19 March 2019

/ All About Mesh: Pageant /


From chaotic spidery webs to chunky knits, independent fashion label PAGEANT loves working with mesh. Now, its most iconic mesh garments are on show for everyone to see, at Pieces of Eight gallery as part of REMIX. For REMIX, a select group of jewellers was invited to interpret PAGEANT’s intricately constructed lightweight mesh garments using artistic embellishments. Experimentations with adornment live at the centre of this exercise. Here we go to the source of the inspiration, and chat with PAGEANT’s Amanda Cumming and Kate Reynolds about all things mesh.

PO8: Tell us about the garments you selected to show in REMIX?

PAGEANT: The selected pieces are from our RESORT ‘18 collection titled TUNNEL VISION. We wanted to choose pieces from our archive that were iconic to PAGEANT; mesh is something we use every season and are naturally drawn to as designers. We like the idea that the body can be seen underneath the fabric. The mesh allows for the jewellery to almost float on the garments.

PO8: Take us through the textiles and their construction.

PAGEANT: The main fabrics used in each piece are made from polyester, as the fibre enables a strong construction. We imported them from Japan as they do the best technical fabrics in our opinion! The Cave Wave Dress and Top are made from an oversized chunky style knitted mesh with a mélange ribbed cotton neckband. The Clan Lace Top, Skirt and Pinafore are made from a fine technical lace that is woven – if you look closely it appears like a chaotic spider’s web! The Situate Dress is made from two fine, transparent striped meshes with one cut on the bias to create an optical illusion.

PO8: In terms of the jewellers' responses to your garments, was there a particular favourite for you?

PAGEANT: We loved Seb Brown’s response! He has a tongue-in-cheek way of looking at the world through his jewellery and this really resonates with our aesthetic. Our designs rarely have embellishment and are often quite stripped back of motifs. When you look at the piece it’s almost like you are looking at someone wearing the dress and the attitude that comes with it.

PO8: Tell us about the vision behind your TUNNEL VISION collection? 

PAGEANT: [For each season we] mix up a diverse selection of themes along with the brand DNA and the visual codes of sportswear. TUNNEL VISION looks at the habitation of unusual environments and subterranean worlds through our research into Melbourne’s infamous Cave Clan (a mysterious community dedicated to navigating tunnels, urban caves and drains).

PO8: What are the challenges and rewards of being an independent Australian fashion label?

PAGEANT: The most rewarding thing is having complete creative control to execute our vision and the flexibility to collaborate with a wide variety of practitioners including artists, musicians and the like. The everyday challenges of running a small business prove to be the hardest whilst trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance! 

REMIX runs at Pieces of Eight gallery until 21 March.