11 April 2019

Circling the Sun with Ele Misko: Studio Visit

Melbourne based jeweller Ele Misko draws energy and inspiration from the sun, producing talismanic-like jewels that inspire us to connect with nature and its nurturing, balancing force. We recently dropped by Ele’s studio in the beautiful Manchester Unity Building to learn more about how she works.

"I'm constantly taking pictures and videos of things in the world – usually art, nature, architecture, people and more,” says Ele. "I'm also inspired by music, film and podcasts. Through this exploration I find my ideas, concepts and aesthetic."

For her new collection, developed especially for Pieces of Eight Gallery, Ele has evolved her original Sunlight collection. “The new addition of freeform and flat cut sapphires continue my work’s running theme of the organic world juxtaposed with the man-made, built, technological environment,” she says.

We asked Ele what she loves most about her studio, which is located in Melbourne’s Manchester Unity Building, an iconic heritage-listed neo-Gothic, Art Deco building in the city’s CBD. “I love the facade as well as the marble, copper and low relief sculptures throughout the interior," she says. "There are huge windows with lots of natural light.


“Conveniently it's the jewellery trade building so everyone that I work with (gem/metal suppliers, casting, setting) are in the building, or the buildings surrounding me. It's a great community, everyone shares tools, machines and knowledge.”


And five things she can’t work without? “Natural light, music or podcasts, chocolate, fresh air, and a clean work space!”


Browse Ele Misko’s collection for Pieces Of Eight.


Studio images by Annie Carroll-Fantone