24 May 2018

/ Luke Maninov Hammond Presents Emergence: A Capsule Collection of Delicate Earrings /


This May, we're excited to present Emergence, a new capsule collection of delicately crafted earrings from contemporary jeweller & neuroscientist Luke Maninov Hammond.

The new collection examines the delicate patterns found within all life forms. "Forming as life unfolds, these patterns can be found in the branching of trees and the cells of our body, defining us while also continually capturing our imagination." Resulting in a striking collection of 11 earrings, head to the Emergence page to view the full range.

The delicate textures of the Column earrings reference the interwoven structures found within our bones.

Two Australian sapphires rest at the end of each silver column.

The gold and diamond Radial earrings are designed to be threaded through the ear, floating gracefully.