11 June 2017

/ Q & A With Anna Sheffield Part 3: The Beauty of Unique Materials and Gemstones /


In the final installment of our Q&A with newly represented artist Anna Sheffield, we asked her to explain how she came to love using such unique gemstones in her work.

PO8: Tell us about the unique gemstones you use in your work.

AS: "While we do have pieces in the collection such as solitaires with traditional white diamonds, there is also my penchant for the different - like the beautiful, grey area of antique stones or off-white colours - this is where champagne and grey diamonds come into play. They offer an incredible colour range that can potentially be a little less expensive, too. Perfectly white diamonds are going to look a lot better in a white gold or platinum setting, but if you put grey or champagne diamonds in yellow or rose gold, they’re very complimentary. Some of my favorite diamonds are imperfect, or have inclusions  While some might view these hazy or what I call 'painted black' stones as low in quality, I see a stone like this, with a beautiful cut, flanked by high quality diamonds, as a way to exemplify natural, one-of-a-kind beauty."

PO8: What do you feel is your market niche? What makes your designs really stand out?

AS: "I think the designs and the ethos of my brand are really appealing to a wide range of people. They are at once contemporary and classic, and there are infinite ways to make the pieces unique to the individuals who wear them. I use coloured and antique diamonds, along with precious and semi-precious gemstones, for their uncommon beauty.
I offer clients the ability to personalise jewellery to their liking - whether it’s choosing stones, making an interesting ceremonial suite or mixing metals in any of my existing designs.

Head over to Anna Sheffield's collection to view more of her beautifully unique designs.

'Bea' black diamond engagement ring