08 June 2017

/ Q&A with Anna Sheffield Part 2: An Exclusive Look into the Fine Jewellery Design Process /


As we continue to learn more about our newest artist, Anna Sheffield, we asked her to explain a little about her design process.

Known for her luxurious pieces that use vintage stones and included gemstones, every design becomes as unique as the person it adorns, and as individual as the maker's hands who have crafted it.

PO8: There is a strong sense of romance in your work, mixed in with vintage inspiration - can you tell us about this? 

AS: "My design aesthetic emerged from my interest in what I call disparate influences. I am interested in different eras and cultures, art and architecture: I always wanted my work to defy fine jewellery conventions, much like the Dada movement did in the art world. I think of my jewellery as both adornment and amulet, and there is meaning behind these amulets. I believe in the enduring power of love, the alchemy between people, and the symbolism these pieces so often have in their lives."

PO8: We greatly admire the stacking aesthetic within your work – something which we see as being really unique to your pieces. Could you tell us about how this evolved?  

AS: "Designing the stacking and nesting rings was a way to highlight and crown the beauty of the main ring - what is often the engagement ring - without making what would often be the wedding bands look as if something is missing if one or more are worn alone.
It was also driven by giving our clients the ability to mix and match, to stack and layer different rings, combining various diamonds, coloured stones or mixed metals, which makes those sets so much more meaningful. I design all my rings like that, not just ceremonial ones. I think jewellery is quite personal, and as it's often collected over time and for different occasions, it becomes a lovely ritual, marking moments in time."

Would you like to create your own bespoke stack that symbolises your special milestones?
Head over to Anna Sheffield's page to view the range of rings now available.