06 June 2017

/ Q&A with Anna Sheffield Part 1: Introducing our Newest Artist Who Explains the Beginnings of her Fine Jewellery Brand /


As we introduce the fine jewels of New York based maker Anna Sheffield, we asked her to sit down with us for five minutes to tell us a little about herself.

Highly regarded in the international scene, she is much sought after among brides and those soon-to-be engaged. Her early career in fine jewellery was kick-started by a fortuitous meeting with fashion icon Marc Jacobs, who entrusted her with a bag of diamonds to turn into a collection for a runway show. Since then, Anna has established herself as a leader in the fine jewellery world, creating precious gem-scattered designs that stack and can be customised to create highly individual sets.

PO8: We’d love to hear about how you launched your brand.

AS: "I actually started out designing costume jewellery with my first jewellery brand, Bing Bang, which began in 2002 and is still going today.
In 2006, a friend of mine who worked for Marc Jacobs was wearing a Bing Bang necklace and it caught Marc's eye. She introduced us and that meeting lead to a collaborative collection for SS06. I literally walked out of his studio carrying a bag of diamonds and just made all the pieces, about 50 total, in 10 days! I made gold and diamond necklaces and bracelets for his runway show, and a collection that sold in all of his flagship stores. It was an experience that allowed me the opportunity to explore more creative ways to design with diamonds and changed the course of my career.  I launched Anna Sheffield, my namesake jewellery line, in 2008, and added the ceremonial and bridal silhouettes in 2011."

PO8: Tell us about the type of customers you attract and what they love about your work?  

AS: "People today identify with the values as well as the aesthetics of the brands they choose, and I feel like with ceremonial rings and lifetime purchases, like fine jewellery, this is all the more important. My clients identify with the brand's initiatives around sustainability, our desire to make these pieces meaningful and special, and to put just enough of something swoon-worthy and signature in each piece to show they are modern as well as timeless in design."

Keen to see Anna's swoon-worthy pieces? Head over to her artist page, or pop into the gallery to see the full collection.