15 August 2022

Rare and Unique Diamond Rings

Welcome back to our in-focus series, where we take a closer look at some of the pieces from our current Rare exhibition

This week, we're examining the diverse and unique world of rare diamonds. A select group of our artists have chosen to work with some amazing and inimitable diamonds, and we know you'll love the outcome! If you are searching for a unique diamond ring, scroll down to see some of our favourite designs from this exhibition.

And if you're keen to understand more about what makes these gems so special, head over to Gem School, our online educational resource where you can learn more about raw diamonds, coloured diamonds, and salt & pepper diamonds - amongst many other gemstones.

These uncut diamond rings (above & below) by Luke Maninov Hammond are a textural delight.
As Luke himself explains of the series, "Each piece in this collection has been created around a one-of-a-kind diamond. While diamonds are often selected based on characteristics like symmetry and clarity, these have been chosen for their distinctive presence. As a result, each has its own unconventional quality, from enchanting patterns of inclusions to translucent natural surfaces that stir the imagination. Organically formed gold rings with finely created hand details respond to these unique ancient crystals."



Tara Lofhelm's pieces for Rare (above and below) present a unique spectrum of opaque blue and green diamonds, in contemporary geometric rose cuts.

"These one of a kind rings were designed for those who are seeking an alternative to the traditional diamond solitaire or wedding ring. They’re diamonds; with a difference."

Rose cut blue diamonds create a trail along this buttery golden 'Path' ring by Melbourne jeweller Tara Lofhelm.

Seb Brown's series of rings for Rare highlight the varied tones and shapes found within champagne diamonds. They continue his exploration into the classical signet ring, in understated, unisex designs.

Anna Marrone has set an icy salt and pepper diamond atop her Monochrome Dome ring. It's a modern yet understated unisex ring, encircled by a fringe of Florentine-inspired hand engraving.

Suzi Zutic's Winter Marquise 1/1 ring is the only 'all white diamond' version of this ring ever made, while Taë Schmeisser's Trilliant Solitaire ring features a contemporary trilliant cut pale champagne diamond, "encouraging a ray of modernity and rarity to be embraced everyday."