17 October 2019

The PO8 edit: sapphire engagement rings

Thinking about getting engaged? Spring marks the beginning of engagement season – yes it’s a thing! While diamond engagement rings are a popular and traditional go-to, we think sapphires offer a unique and exquisite alternative ­– colourful, bright and just as important, robust. Here are five of our favourite sapphire engagement rings, now in our Melbourne Gallery. Happy browsing!

For your leading lady: Jane Ring

The Jane Ring by Melbourne-based artist Tessa Blazey takes its inspiration from the 1980s cult film 'Witches of Eastwick'. Tessa, who loved watching this film as a teenager, has designed the Jane after Susan Sarandon’s red-haired character. At its centre sits a sparkling parti sapphire, with glowing champagne diamonds set beneath the claws.

Dreamy blues and greens: Mountain Meets Sea Ring

Parti sapphires are a quintessentially Australian sapphire with their green-blue tones. "I live in a parti sapphire," says Victorian-based artist Natalia Milosz-Piekarska. "I walk out of my house and I'm surrounded by Eucalypts and the bay which shifts from aquamarine blue to dark blue." Her Mountain Meets Sea Ring is an ode to the Australian landscape.

The future classic: Hex Cut Sapphire Elevate Ring

New to Melanie Katsalidis' collection is this divine, hand-crafted sapphire ring in her signature 'Elevate' design. Featuring baguette cut diamonds set into the band with a sapphire floating above, the design is clean and architectural in its simplicity. "I wanted to create different expressions to celebrate the Australian parti sapphire," says Melanie.

Modern Heirloom: Devotion Ring

"We are incredibly inspired by the beauty of parti sapphires and intrigued with the natural and unique variations in the colouring of these gems," says Melanie Kamsler of MANIAMANIA. Her Devotion Ring is one of her most popular and signature engagement ring silhouettes – the ultimate modern heirloom.

Signature sapphire cluster: Half Moon Halo Ring

Artist Carla Maxine Germann often lets the gemstones lead the way when she's designing her signature clusters – like this Half Moon Halo Ring. She creates the perfect interplay between the gemstones and the negative spaces to achieve what she calls "the right aesthetic vibration". Here she plays with a rich medley of sapphire shades, tones and colours. "It was like playing with candy, one more delicious than the next!"

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