28 October 2019

Sapphire surprise: Custom engagement ring by Carla Maxine Germann


We love a happy ending – especially when it involves a stunning custom engagement ring. In this story we hear how Will commissioned Carla Maxine Germann, who is renowned for her signature cluster style, to design a surprise sapphire ring for his fiancée, Tish. Read on to see how Will jumped feet-first into the bespoke commission process to create this heart-stopping piece.

PO8: What was your vision for your engagement ring?

Will: The vision was for a unique but classic and timeless ring. I love pieces which draw you in; classic from a distance becoming more and more interesting the closer you get. 

PO8: Tell us about your experience commissioning a bespoke piece?

Will: With Carla based in Sydney, I leant very heavily on the team at Pieces of Eight. This ‘sounding board’ was an absolute blessing and definitely helped with the stress levels! Lots of emails and phone calls later, Carla had worked her magic, and we had initial sketches and options – lots of options! After a few tough decisions we received the renderings. Carla’s ability to communicate her designs in this way meant I was 100% confident in her ability to create the perfect piece.


PO8: Tell us about the sapphire and complementary diamonds you chose?

Will: I knew Tish wanted something a little less traditional than a diamond for a central stone – something with a bit more colour. We picked a natural, untreated peach champagne sapphire from Sri Lanka, which suited Tish perfectly. 

As we wanted a cluster ring, the stone was then sent off to Carla in Sydney to hunt down the accompanying stones. Carla suggested diamonds [to complement the central stone]. While there were plenty of options, we settled for some amazing Argyle diamonds which enhance the sapphire. 

PO8: What do you love most about your piece?

Will: Everything! I love that it’s one-of-a-kind (just like Tish)! I think that its asymmetry is one of its best features, it is so interesting from every angle. Furthermore, the different colours depending on the light makes it a ring which you never get sick of staring at.

Tish: The thing I love most about the ring is that Will invested time, creativity and passion into this beautiful piece, without me being a part of the process. It was so incredibly special to be proposed to with something that he put his heart into. The ring glows with a beautiful warmth, and is an absolute joy to wear!

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