16 July 2019

Sapphires and surprises: bespoke engagement ring

For all the style mavens out there, who would like to design a bespoke engagement ring, this recent collaboration between client, Lauren, and jeweller, Djurdjica Kesic, shows us that you can lead the process, but still enjoy that element of surprise when your partner pops the question.


We've shared stories before about custom engagement and wedding rings, but Lauren's is especially nice. To start with, she had a pretty clear idea of the gem stones she wanted on her engagement ring. “I have always been drawn to coloured gemstones, sapphires in particular,” she says. But she wasn’t sure about the style of ring – until she saw Djurdjica’s work at Pieces of Eight.

“After trying on one of Djurdjica’s rings I knew that her style was what I was looking for and I felt that I would be able to work with her to create something unique,” says Lauren.

“I was drawn to Djurdjica’s overall style. The rounded edges and thick-framed bezel settings of her work create lovely silhouettes. There is just something so honest and beautiful about her work.

“I was quite particular about the colour of the stones I was looking for, so after going back and forth a few times between Djurdjica and myself we came to the perfect combination of colour, cut and size. My three stone engagement ring is a modification of two of Djurdjica’s designs.”

Djurdjica, too, took great pleasure in the collaboration with Lauren (who is also a jeweller). “With Lauren’s input and introduction of larger stones, it meant that correspondingly we had to amplify the overall scale of the ring,” Djurdjica says.

“This resulted in providing the ring with ample weight and although ultimately it is an intimate piece, inadvertently it gave it more presence. Lauren chose sapphires that feature beautiful hues of purple and green.”

For Lauren, selecting the gemstones was an important element. “Once the stones were chosen I didn’t see the ring again until the day we became engaged, so it was a lovely surprise to see how the design had come together,” she says.

“I see my ring as a contemporary take on a classic design – so it’s something I will never tire of wearing or looking at. The gorgeous variation in colour of the centre stone has to be my favourite part of the ring. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.”

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